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Concept Development & Experimentation

CD&E is about creating impact and involvement for the customer.

The basis of CD&E is stimulating creativity and innovation by experiencing new ideas and concepts. Thinking and doing are combined in an interactive process with experts and the customer. This creates a change in mindset, as well as insight. By using results from brainstorm sessions, evaluations and experiments, a widely supported concept is developed which describes a solution for the problem at hand. By capturing the insights in a concept document, a robust framework for the final solution is created. Due to this procedure, the quality of the final solution is often much higher. Furthermore, the requirement of acquisitions for new functionalities often disappears and changes in organisations can be more effective. The concept document is very important during the implementation of the final solution.

Advanced Concept Development & Experimentation Environment

Testing new technologies and concepts by the Department of Defence in a real environment is extremely costly: it requires deployment of lots of personnel and material. TNO therefore developed 'TNO ACE' (Advanced Concept Development & Experimentation Environment), a virtual world in which methodological experiments can be performed with, for example, new weapon systems. This can save the Department of Defence a lot of time and money.

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Our work

TNO ACE: Advanced CD&E Environment

Testing new technologies and concepts for Defence in a realistic environment is a costly operation: many people and resources are involved. This has prompted TNO to develop its Advanced Concept Development... Read more

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