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JROADS: Simulation of complex weapon systems

JROADS - Joint Research on Air Defence Systems - is an extensive simulation environment which simulates platforms and sensor-, communication- and weapon systems such as ships, aircraft, missiles, radars and the interaction between these components. JROADS is used for many years, mainly to help answering questions in the air defence domain. The application is currently extended to other military domains as well.

A sample of the research subjects which are covered by JROADS:

  • New concepts for cooperation between ships from navies of different countries
  • Recognition of pirate boats by (the changes in) their geographical positions
  • Selection and deployment of the successor of the F-16 fighter aircraft
  • Defence of ships against irregular threats, such as suicide attacks
  • Selection of new radars and weapon systems
  • Defence of cities against missile attacks

The research is very diverse, which is possible because of the modularity of JROADS. By putting components together like building blocks, a so called scenario is created. In this way, ships can be built with one or more radars, missiles and guns, but also aircraft with a pilot and behaviour, or extensive weapons systems such as PATRIOT or AGBADS.
The research performed with these scenarios can be Human-in-the-loop experiments, but also automatic analyses.

Human-in-the-loop experiments

Human-in-the-loop experiments are supported by manual control of components within a JROADS scenario. Human operators can control various weapon systems, while threats (such as missiles) are visualized on monitors. It is also possible to couple JROADS to actual weapon systems, and make the experiment as realistic as possible.
This type of simulation is very useful in Concept Development & Experimentation, which means testing and improving new systems and procedures.
To facilitate after action review and analysis, couplings with other software products are available for 3D display and replay.
JROADS can be used for distributed simulation, and can be coupled to other simulation packages using standard protocols such as DIS and HLA.

Automatic analyses

Control of components within JROADS can also be automatic. Elements within the scenario will react to events based on predefined protocols while the scenario is running. Different scenarios can be analyzed automatically. This is used, for example, in research on the defence capability of a ship. By performing many simulation runs with different combinations of sensors, weapons and threats, conclusions can be drawn about which weapons and sensors have to be placed on the ship and where.
The degree of automatic/manual control is scalable, also complex tactical behaviour can be simulated. This can be used, for example, to find out how the successor of the F-16 fighter aircraft can be deployed in the best way in various situations.
Also for this type of analysis, couplings with 3D and replay software are available.

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