National Security: improving equipment and actions during disasters

TNO wants to improve equipment and the competencies of personnel and restructure implementation capacity in a revolutionary way, with the goal of more effective, efficient and safe action by the operational security services in the event of incidents, disasters and large-scale crises.

This includes costeffective, multidisciplinary action using optimal means of protection and adequate information management. This should produce better, coordinated decision-making at all levels, greater self-sufficiency among citizens following incidents or disasters, and improved information and availability of knowledge to mobilise government, companies and citizens.


International workshop Policing the Dark Web: a success!

05 October 2017
Increase international cooperation, uniform Internet regulations, fill innovation and research gaps. These among the main actions identified by 70 international law enforcement, research and business experts... Read more

World’s first DIY Policing workshop received great interest

13 January 2017
The Do-It-Yourself Policing workshop organized by the MEDI@4SEC project in Berlin at January 10 was a huge success. For the first time, stakeholders from all over Europe engaged in an interactive dialogue... Read more

How can social media enhance public security?

21 October 2016
New European research has started on the emerging role of social media in enhancing public security. The research consortium in which TNO partners, MEDI@4SEC, will focus on the opportunities and challenges... Read more

Krishna Taneja MSc Ma


Krishna Taneja MSc Ma

  • national security
  • homeland security
  • comprehensive approach
  • emergency management
  • disaster management

70 years of Defence Research

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