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TNO shapes the future of MMICs and RFICs

Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) used to be exclusively found in military and space systems. In the meantime these technologies have become fully mature, as well as affordable. In parallel, analogue low-frequency IC techniques evolved into Radio-Frequency ICs (RFICs), broadening the technology base to include Silicon technologies. Together, they play an important role in today's development for industrial system, automotive, logistics, health and consumer products.

Inspired by Microwaves

TNO has been involved in MMIC design from the early beginning. Since 1987, TNO has focused on the specification, design, testing and application of MMICs, with RFICs being added to the portfolio just after 2000. Many years of co-operation with the most important foundries in Europe, the US and the far East have enabled TNO to build up a deep knowledge of these semiconductor technologies, of the modelling techniques and models themselves, of creative microwave design, of microwave IC characterisation and measurement techniques and of all other areas that are needed to successfully enable state-of-art systems through ground-breaking design. TNO has a worldwide leading position in the field of MMIC’s and RFIC’s.

Expert in Microwave integration

Starting from technology for world-leading phased-array systems, we have broadened their application base to many communication systems, including wifi and GSM, we have successfully designed MMICs and modules that are now flying in space mapping the earth on a daily basis, delivered chips for a myriad of sensor systems, prototyped chipsets for SatCom systems, including systems with a return channel, the list is virtually endless. We lead the world of microwave integration. To that end, we work with devices such as MESFETs, pHEMTs, BJTs, MOSTs and HBTs in technologies such as GaAs, GaN, SiC and SiGe.

Innovating  RF systems

By combining our leading position in MMICs and RFICs with TNO’s in-depth system knowledge in many areas, such as radar and communication systems, we are effectively shaping the future of many RF systems. From one to one hundred GigaHertz, and beyond if needed. Providing solutions to define, to design, to manufacture and to apply MMICs and RFICs. To enable our customer base to develop, to build and to deliver RF systems beyond imagination.


Marja Eijkman new Managing Director Unit Defence, Safety & Security

21 January 2020
We are pleased to announce that Ir. M.J. (Marja) Eijkman (54) will join TNO on 16 April 2020 as Managing Director of the unit Defence, Safety & Security, succeeding Henk Geveke. Mrs Eijkman has broad... Read more

NetForce Command: an alternative for command and control in a changing world

12 December 2019
What happens if hierarchical command and control no longer work in the hyper-connective world of tomorrow? Today, at Innovation in Defence in The Hague, one of TNO’s leading research groups presented the... Read more

Innovative crisis management solutions assessed in realistic simulation of a flooding scenario in The Netherlands

23 May 2019
On 22nd and 23rd May 2019, five innovative solutions were assessed in a realistic simulation of a flooding scenario in The Hague, The Netherlands. The simulation was part of a two-day tabletop DRIVER+... Read more



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