National crisis management is undergoing a process of rapid development, particularly as the result of new information technologies. The Defence, Safety and Security unit is continuously developing new knowledge in trending security and technology areas, and working on new applications to advance national security.


In general terms this work concerns solutions to problems such as social disruption, terrorism, crime in the broadest sense, digital threats and cybercrime. It also focuses on major developments influencing our area of work, such as digitalization, real-time intelligence and big data, human functioning, and a chain-oriented approach.


We focus both on long-term developments and on what the public sector, businesses and organizations need in the short term. We also work to make these technologies, methods or instruments more widely applicable within the business world, the public sector, and other security organizations such as the Ministry of Defence and the police. TNO operates independently in this respect, in close collaboration with those scientific institutes and companies who are interested in strengthening their position by developing collaboratively.


TNO has a solid national and international reputation in applications such as radar, sensors, camera recognition of suspicious behaviour, monitoring instruments for the detection and combating of criminal activities on the dark web, testing weaponry and equipment, digital transitions such as the move from telephony to other forms of security incident reporting, and the validation of intervention methodologies for tackling subversion and terrorism.