The use of cameras to make society safer has by now become widespread. It does have its disadvantages, however. One of these disadvantages is that all the available video images will have to be checked and analyzed, and this will require time, manpower and money. TNO has developed a highly userfriendly product that will dramatically shorten the time needed for videotape analysis: AVACS (Automatic Video Compilation and Analysis System).

With the use of AVACS it will be possible to make a fully automated compilation of any mastertape, according to previously set parameters. AVACS is i.a. used by the Dutch police. The wide extertise and long experience of TNO in the field of public safety have resulted in a system offering unique functionalities. AVACS is the only system in the Netherlands verified by the police as valid for proof. The graphic user interface of AVACS will enable the operator to enter the required analysis information by himself. AVACS will then automatically investigate each individual image in compliance with the data entered. This may e.g. be a wanted person, but also the number of vehicles passing a specified gate.

Simple, reliable and fast

AVACS will only select the information requested by the operator, and will store this information through the compilation recorder on a hard disk. All the user has to do is to analyze the compilation cd, thus saving time, manpower and cost. AVACS will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is able to store up to 150,000 images.



Kees d' Huy MSc

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