Many nations are currently working on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) programmes, often facing similar issues and challenges. The sharing of experiences, challenges and solutions would greatly benefit these initiatives.

The project has the objective to integrate CIP knowledge and experiences by identifying good practices. These are aggregated and shared among all policymakers in Europe by means of a manual.

This manual was developed by a consortium led by TNO, with project partners from government organisations in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, and OIIP, an Austrian research organisation.

The manual

Topics covered in the manual are:

  • How to identify CI
  • The role of dependencies in CIP
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Information sharing
  • The role of risk management in CIP
  • The role of crisis management in CIP

In the manual, you will find a general description of the essential elements of these topics followed by selected good practices which are rated on their applicability to specific national contexts.

Authors: Marieke Klaver, Eric Luiijf and Albert Nieuwenhuijs, publication date: July 2011

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