Our work

Critical infrastructure protection

Information and communications technology have been undergoing major fundamental changes lately. The developments in ICT technology offer many new possibilities, while, at the same time, many questions also arise regarding the vulnerability of an information society. TNO is keeping its finger on the pulse.

TNO works on information security in general, ranging from information and communications networks to infrastructures in the broad sense of the word. A few illustrative examples are the Critical Infrastructure Protection and the Internet Vulnerability (KWINT) research projects. We also participate in European projects or have done so in the past (ACIP, CI2RCO, VITA, IRRIIS, DIESIS, EURAM, EURACOM, RECIPE).

Studies and publications

TNO has recently conducted and participated in several studies on critical infrastructures in the Netherlands. In addition to an analysis of the situation, the studies also provide suggestions for solutions and protective measures.

70 years of Defence Research

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