Flash flooding. Earthquakes. Terrorist attacks. When the unthinkable happens, governments, practitioners and citizens must respond swiftly and effectively. But how can you prepare for a crisis that has not yet happened? In DRIVER+, 31 partners from 14 countries use the collective power of their insight and experience to help countries take full advantage of crisis management innovation, so that every nation can be ready to respond when needed.

Framework as a foundation

The European Commission-funded DRIVER+ (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience) project developed a multifaceted platform of tools and resources that can help governments and practitioners effectively prepare for the crucial hours, days and weeks following a crisis.

DRIVER+ aims to make resources and insights available to all stakeholders, and provide the tools for effective trials that identify the strengths and weaknesses of various socio-technical solutions.

Flexibility as a starting point

No two countries – or crises – are alike. So DRIVER+ offers tools, lessons learned and information so that modular, flexible solutions can be developed that meet the individual needs of each crisis. Through effective trials, countries can develop capabilities and anticipate future needs, and stay one step ahead of the increasing magnitude of crisis situations.

Information about new and existing technological innovations can help them make cost-effective and objective decisions. And insights from those who have experienced similar crises help guide trial development.

Coordination as a key driver

TNO works continuously to develop new knowledge in the rapidly changing security and technology areas of crisis management. Together with our partners, we help increase societal resilience with science and technology.

As Technical Coordinator for DRIVER+, TNO safeguarded the day-to-day management and scientific output for the consortium, including coordinating the inputs from all 31 technology and stakeholder partners. We also developed the technical infrastructure for the open-source, online platform known as the pan-European DRIVER+ test-bed, which further contains the Trial Guidance Methodology, the Trial Guidance Tool and Training Modules.

To make the test-bed available to as many users as possible, TNO ensured that it easily connects to legacy IT systems, and also supports data collection during a trial. In this way, the test-bed supports testing the validity and efficacy of crisis management innovations in realistic situations.

Crisis Management innovation that drives results

DRIVER+ also delivered a Portfolio of Solutions, which catalogues crisis management solutions at various Technical Readiness Levels, and categorises them by function and gaps. DRIVER+ users can continuously ‘feed’ this portfolio with experiences from their trials. The Lessons Learned Library, Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe and Centres of Expertise Network connect users with resources for additional support.

DRIVER+ resources for a safer Europe

After five large-scale, multi-stakeholder trials and validations, DRIVER+ concluded in 2020. Now fully operational, DRIVER+ is a single resource for governments and practitioners who aim to prepare for crises effectively, and with the benefit of other countries’ experience.

TNO and our partners have developed a significant contribution to a safer, more secure Europe. In fact, the European Research Executive Agency, which funded the project, named it one of the Breakthrough Projects of 2020, due to the size, scope and impact of the project.

DRIVER+ - Project overview

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