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GATE: innovative crisismanagement training

The functioning of emergency services i.a. depends on optimal training. This may save lives at the moments that really count. At the same time, ICT enables much more efficient and effective training now. That is why TNO has developed an entirely new concept in the field of crisis management training: GATE.

GATE - a further development of one of the components of the project GAMMA-EC - will enable crisis management instructors to translate their operational knowledge into an effective multimedia tool for crisis management training by themselves. GATE is userfriendly and does not require a programmer. The first testing of GATE during the development of a course on dangerous substances for lower officers of the fire department directly resulted in a higher passing rate, better grades and improved preparedness for the practical part of the course. It was also shown that the possibility of GATE scenarios ending the wrong way does provide great added value compared to traditional courses using books and readers. People do learn quickly from mistakes, and in GATE these mistakes are made by the student during an interactive scenario.


Apart from this, GATE is also a breakthrough in telelearning. Subjects may be presented in convenient modules, allowing contact with the instructor at any given moment. GATE has a generic lay-out, and this means that it may be used for any conceivable domain, not just crisis management training. GATE was developed by TNO in collaboration with NIBRA and FINSA.

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