The coming years will see certain changes to how the Royal Marechaussee (Military Police) in the Netherlands does its work. It intends to use its capacity more effectively and efficiently. One of the ways to do this is to introduce Intelligence Led Operations, or IGO as it is known in the Netherlands. IGO links sensors, networks and people. This enables a better assessment of what is happening, where and when, and what the priorities are.

TNO has been the IGO partner for the Royal Marechaussee since 2004. One of the projects completed in 2007 is @MIGO, which boosts the quality of the mobile monitoring of aliens. @MIGO is a pre-operational system that reads the licence plates of passing cars using laser-activated cameras and checks online at various authorities whether relevant requisite information is available. If so, the @MIGO system alerts the Royal Marechaussee, which is ready just over the border to detain suspicious cars. The system has undergone extensive testing at the Hazeldonk border crossing with Belgium along the A16 motorway. There are also offline modules for analysing the data and drawing up profiles. The result serves to facilitate local operations and orchestrate supraregional operations. @MIGO's technical possibilities for supporting information-guided actions have been demonstrated and tested on their additional value. Based on these results the government has approved national implementation of this concept.