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Seabilla is developing a maritime surveillance system of systems to monitor the outer coastal borders of Europe. Vignettes of illegal immigration, drug smuggling and terrorism are written in three coastal areas. For these threatening situations Solutions Use Cases (SUCs) are drawn. SUCs are a combination of existing and newly developed surveillance systems, including functionalities of detection, tracking and behavior detection.

System integration

The SeaBILLA project will focus on the integration of existing systems and artifacts of near term available systems, improvement in shareable common maritime picture targeted to detect non cooperative boats and illicit activities. Realizing this, we aim to be able to

  • improve the capability to detect small non-reporting vessels being used illegally
  • improve the capability to maintain tracks, classify and identify non-reporting vessels
  • confirm identity and position of reporting vessels or find out false reporting
  • classify 'suspicious vessels' from 'normal vessels'

TNO's role

In the SeaBILLA project TNO facilitates three End User events. The 1st SeaBILLA End User Workshop was in May 2011 in Gdansk and the 2nd End User workshop 8th June 2012 in Brussels. The final End User event will be first quarter of 2014.

Jolanda van Deursen MSc


Jolanda van Deursen MSc

  • security
  • protection
  • CIP
  • explosion
  • detection

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