It is essential for people who work in the security domain to stay mentally healthy and fit, while continuous training and education are also indispensable to ensure resilient professionals. TNO develops tools and dashboards to encourage talent development and monitor learning processes and employee resilience.

The people responsible for ensuring the security of the Netherlands must work under high pressure, while it is important to ensure their long-term mental fitness and deployability. TNO develops methods and tools to improve the functioning of these ‘high risk’ professionals, making it possible to identify risks and develop targeted interventions. We empower employees to manage stress at work themselves, gain more insight into their own resilience at the individual and team level, and formulate effective interventions.

Personal feedback

To this end, TNO has developed a resilience monitor and dashboard. These tools provide continuous insight into physical and mental stress and an overview of internal and external resources to help improve performance, motivation and well-being. TNO is also developing an umbrella platform involving wearables, apps and dashboarding technology which will allow the professional to continuously monitor their own resilience. Personalized feedback and predictive algorithms will enable interventions that improve both individual and organizational performance.

Talent development

A second pillar of the resilient professional is the creation of methods and tools to facilitate the development of talent, careers and professional skills based on the principle of self-determination. The one-size-fits-all principle is no longer fit for purpose; organizations in the national security domain require tailor-made modes of learning whereby technology plays a supporting role, such as teaching insights based on Big Data resources.


TNO is developing a digital platform that provides continuous insight into learning processes and performance through the analysis of a wide range of learning data collected from various learning systems over the longer term. The data is displayed in dashboards for individuals, groups of learners, supervisors and the organization. We have also developed a learning environment that continuously and semi-autonomously adapts the learning programme (method and content) to the needs of the learner.

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