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We make cyber work for you

In the digital world things can go terribly wrong. Crime, disasters or acts of terror can paralyse a society. How can we ensure that government, business and citizens are protected? And that the cyber world works for and not against us? Cyber Security offers unprecedented opportunities. TNO has the answers and the solutions. We know what others don’t.

We are a determined team of experts, who put cyber security and cyber threats in perspective. A team that separates facts from fiction. A team that performs high risk, high gain research. When necessary, we can help to take down criminal networks.


With innovative security and resilient concepts, we meet the real cyber challenges head on. We come up with game changing solutions that focus on prevention, detection and recovery. This makes the cyber world together with our economy and society secure, resilient and successful. We surprise and innovate.

New ways of thinking

TNO Cyber Security and Resilience gets to the heart of the problem and challenges the status quo. New issues require new ways of thinking and working together. TNO has broad domain knowledge in many areas, which  helps us create better solutions.

Listen, analyse and act

We approach issues in depth and in their entirety. We believe people, process, technology and governance are inextricably linked. We stay objective and don’t get bogged down in lengthy reports. We listen, analyse and act. Our clients receive tailored insights, practices and smart tools. By sharing research and knowledge, we ensure that our insights have long term impact. We build strong alliances and ecosystems.


At TNO Cyber Security & Resilience, we work with private companies and the public sector at home and abroad. Collaboration requires ecosystems, which we encourage and facilitate. We connect with the right people wherever they are and make innovation happen.


We form alliances that lead to tomorrow’s solutions, that ensures that our clients have the tools to progress without us. This way of working combined with an integrated approach increases our impact. This is how we put the Netherlands on the global cyber map and ensure that Dutch cyber experts are the most sought after in the world. We are independent and pro-active.


Business, politics and science. It’s a playing field which we know intimately at all levels. We have our own opinions. As an organisation, we are independent. Our in-depth understanding of this playing field and our need to excel challenges us to improve our performance. For our partners and society. We transcend commercial and political interest. We recognise major problems before others do. We focus on new issues and develop ambitious solutions that actually work.

Cyber world

At TNO Cyber Security & Resilience, we see both the risk and the rewards of our cyber world. We make it possible to capitalise on the opportunities now and in the future. We debate the right issues and create in-depth, comprehensive research and innovative solutions. We make our society and economy secure, resilient and successful. In short: We make cyber work for you.

Our work

Cyber Security Lab

The technical facilities in the Cyber Security Lab are made available to promising cyber security innovation projects. In the Cyber Security Lab we take up current challenges in cyber security using a... Read more

European Cyber Security Perspectives – 2nd edition

16 March 2015
TNO, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), Team High Tech Crime of the Dutch National Police and KPN jointly publish the second edition of their annual European Cyber Security Perspectives report.  ... Read more

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