In today’s world, the challenges to peace and safety are many. With new technologies fuelling the emergence of new potential threats, we help our clients rely on the most advanced technology to anticipate military and terrorist threats and detect incidents and accidents as they occur.

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We also develop operational methods and strategies to deploy that technology. Even where the risk of an actual attack or incident is low, their impact and consequences remain so high, both socially and economically, that vigilance and preparedness are of utmost importance.

The challenge to detect and counter potential military accidents

For our clients who work in defence, the front line shifts from day to day. Geopolitical complications, climate change, rising nationalist sentiments, rapid technological developments, and other circumstances challenge institutions as well as manufacturers and businesses in the defence industry. Nations need to invest in their armed forces, police and fire departments. Anti-terrorism units need to make sure that they are stronger, better prepared, suitably equipped, and sufficiently agile to face up to these constantly evolving challenges.

Technologies that anticipate

In the face of constantly changing threats, on land, at sea, and in the air, in both urban and low-population density environments, we research and develop technologies to detect and counter military accidents, incidents and threats. For our clients, we help enhance safety and security through effective threat assessment and detection, and by anticipating potential incidents that may or may not involve explosive threats or biological or chemical agents (whether through malice or accident).

They benefit from our proven track record in the protection of military platforms and research into devastating incidents. Examples include TNO’s participation in the research of the Enschede fireworks-disaster, the MH17-attack, the Toulouse Ammonium Nitrate accident, and into the malfunctioning of various munition- and weapon systems.

The product portfolio of our dedicated teams

  • Countering Explosive Threats: Through R&D, we help detect and counter explosive threats, like explosives charges or IEDs placed in buildings or streets. We provide our clients with a comprehensive knowledge and unique test set-ups to enable decision-making with an eye to mitigating measures or counter-attack. 
  • Protection against biological and chemical agents: Our clients need to select the best option for biological and chemical (BC) protection. TNO’s CBRN Protection department offers scientific support and services for all parts of the CBRN protection chain: from threat (level) assessment to optimum protection strategies and technologies. 
  • Ammunition Safety: We help our clients using munitions and explosives achieve optimum levels of safety at maximum cost-effectiveness, including the safe use of ammunition systems – such as missiles – throughout their lifecycle (manufacturing, storage, transport, end-use). 
  • Propellants, Explosives and Pyrotechnics: TNO offers solutions in the field of innovative energetic materials. We explore the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, like additive manufacturing and new production technologies for chemicals, to reduce the manufacturing cost for these materials so they become viable options for military users once again. We can 3D print energetic materials, such as gun-propellant powders and rocket-engine explosives. For the near future, we also focus on 3D printing of pyrotechnics and complete munition-systems. 
  • Weapons Systems: When the military needs to assess the battlefield performance of weapons and munition systems, we can assist with an extensive software suite for quantitative analysis of weapon deployment and impact, weapon assignment, fire doctrines and scheduling. The software suite covers the entire engagement chain for a number of weapons systems, from conventional kinetic armaments to innovative solutions including high energy lasers. 

A comprehensive set of state-of-the-art facilities

With a comprehensive set of research and test facilities and a full complement of specialists in every aspect of the defence, weapon and ammunition industry, we can assist you in solving a wide range of challenges. Our facilities include testing and development of energetic materials, such as ammunition (parts) and green fireworks. And in 2018, we started testing new laser-weapon systems in a unique High Energy Laser Lab.

The combination of our state-of-the-art facilities – which include a High Tox lab, an Aerosol Test chamber, a BSL3 test laboratory, and a breeze tunnel for whole system testing – and our technological knowhow allows us to offer innovative solutions for BC protection. TNO is one of a select number of independent laboratories certified by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Partnerships with an eye to the future

TNO has a proven R&D track record of more than 70 years in the defence and security industries. Our clients include the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and defence departments of other countries, NATO, EDA (EU), OPCW, and many players in the defence industry. We also offer support to police and emergency units, local authorities and SMEs. They benefit from our unique history, multidisciplinary expertise and novel points of view, as well as our outlook on the future of weapon systems and threats.

DISCLAIMER: All our projects and R&D are subject to governmental Export Control

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