Countering IEDs

IEDs are a weapon of strategic influence used by insurgents and are one of the main causes of casualties among troops and local populations. The Netherlands MoD has adopted the NATO docrine in defeating the threat from IEDs by means of attacking the related network, defeating the devices and preparing the forces. TNO support the MoD with innovative R&D related to IED countermeasures.

TNO support the MoD with the implementation of their policy in practice, to define realistic functional and technical requirements and to help end-users in setting up tactics, techniques and procedures for, for instance, route clearance. We do research on state-of-the-art C-IED technologies with a focus on the stand-off detection of IEDs for route clearance and military search application. Together with universities and leading industries we develop C-IED technologies including:

  • stereo change detection
  • man made object detection camera
  • ground penetrating radar
  • ECM
  • non-linear junction detection
  • Raman-LIBS
  • SAR for command wire detection

For post IED event investigations we are developing IED exploitation capabilities.

TNO's capabilities in C-IED

We do our research with state-of-the art experimental facilities. We have the possibility to test & evaluate detection equipment in lab-conditions and real life outdoor conditions. In-house developed simulation software is used that supports product development. We have deep-experts on C-IED technologies itself and experts who are able to translate these in concepts of operations.

Protection, Munitions & Weapons

Philip van Dongen BSc


Philip van Dongen BSc


70 years of Defence Research


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