In today’s world, there are many challenges to peace and safety. The front line of defence shifts from day to day, and the people who protect us – military personnel, police, and first responders – need the best protection that we can offer. Like military Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that helps them to perform better, but also increase their survivability, both individually and as a group.

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We work to develop and enhance the best protective technologies for security professionals and platforms (like vehicles, ships, airplanes and in infrastructures) that serve the society in which we live.

The challenge to protect personnel, military vehicles, ships and infrastructure

Security professionals at the frontline face significant physical threats, like ballistic and blast impact or exposure to chemical or biological agents. Military and Police vehicles need to be safe whilst offering maximum transport capacity. Hence, protective measures must be both lightweight and take up as little space as possible, while still remain affordable. The ability of military vehicles and ships to survive and remain operational after being attacked is of paramount importance to mission success. 

With the increasing risk of terrorism added to the more traditional military symmetric threats, our clients are now facing even more unpredictable threats. Besides, our modern society relies heavily on critical infrastructures like buildings, protective structures, industrial complexes, tunnels, harbours and pipelines, all of which are extremely vulnerable to the effects of explosions, both caused by accidents or deliberately initiated.

military personal protective equipment and Survivability

We contribute to creating a society in which people are safe – and in which they feel safe, as well. We do this by developing knowledge and technologies, state-of-the-art protection concepts  and strategies that help the Netherlands and its allies realise superior support and readiness for any eventuality.

Part of that is developing advanced military protection materiel and innovative concepts and selecting the best options for the protection and survivability of human and material assets. With a highly diverse set of research and test facilities and a full complement of specialists devoted to every aspect of safety and protection, we can assist you in solving a wide range of challenges and problems.

The product portfolio of our dedicated teams

  • Personal Protection and Survivability: We research, test and classify innovative military personal protection equipment (PPE) to optimise both the performance and effectiveness of dismounted military personnel in the field.
  • Vehicle Protection and Survivability: We test components up to full scale military and armoured VIP vehicles against a range of threats, such as landmines or IEDs. We have also developed game changing innovative protection concepts like nets to counter the threat of incoming RPGs. Currently, TNO develops blast resistant composite structures, like bottom plates and doors to be used in light-weight vehicles, and models to assess collateral damage relating to active-protection systems.
  • Naval Protection and Survivability: TNO has developed several highly efficient models to assess the vulnerability of military vessels, develop mitigating measures and increase their survivability. Based on these insights blast resistant doors and innovative bulk heads have been invented and produced in collaboration with our industrial partners. Tools have been developed for damage control and to indicate measures to be taken in case of a calamity and restore the vessel to operational readiness as quickly as possible. TNO supports full scale outdoor testing and has a unique well-equipped laboratory to test naval equipment against various shock loadings.
  • Infrastructure Protection and Survivability: TNO develops methodologies and models to perform risk assessment to buildings or out-of-area structures based on specific threat scenarios. This includes predicting the probability, effects and consequences of accidental explosions, e.g. of ammunition storage, or terroristic attacks by vehicle-borne IEDS, and conducts post-event (forensic) analysis.
  • Protection Material Research: TNO offers a wide range of research and test services, mostly related to materials and their application in protection systems and their survivability.

Unique state-of-the-art facilities

Our close collaboration with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, the European Defence Agency (EDA), NATO, and other stakeholders revealed the need for facilities to test the latest military personal protective equipment, protection material as well as complete weapon systems, e.g. vehicles for use in future defence operations.

This is why we invested in one of the most advanced Weapon Effects and Protection Centre where systems are being tested against various blast and ballistics effects. From advancements in vehicle armour to the effects of new weaponry like that of high energy lasers on targets, TNO offers a cutting-edge facility in which to test and measure performance of your products.

Partnerships help to protect human and material assets

As an independent R&D institute, we combine 70 years worth of defence expertise and partnerships with state-of-the-art facilities, allowing defence organisations, first responders and industrial partners to test their innovations in a secure, private and fully equipped environment. Our clients include defense ministries, international organisations, manufacturers, SMEs, and other stakeholders in the defence and protection industry. Our experts offer independent advice that helps you improve the products and systems that protect those who protect us.

DISCLAIMER: All our projects and R&D are subject to governmental Export Control

70 years of Defense research


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