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Horti-BlueC - a new EU cooperation on reducing Bio-waste and CO2-footprint in horticulture

Horti-BlueC is a new EU project in the 2Seas area. The role of ECN>TNO is to turn bio-waste streams into Bio-energy and Biochar. Biochar is a charcoal-like product that is very porous and lightweight and will be used by partners to replace a large part of the peat in potting soils used in greenhouses. The new mixtures including Biochar will be tested and demonstrated in tomato and strawberry growing tests.
Horti-BlueC partners meet in Petten


Visit to the installations where residues are turned into Biochar and Bioenergy


The logo representing the horticultural use, the two seas areas and CO2 savings

Dr Rian Visser


Dr Rian Visser

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