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Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity

ReaLCoE is an EU H2020 project with a vision to enable direct competition of offshore wind energy with conventional energy sources in electricity markets. This will be achieved by optimising and innovating in every link of the offshore wind energy value chain to an overall Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCoE) target of €35-50/MWh. Fifteen project partners from Europe’s key offshore markets including four renowned R&D institutes join their expertise in ReaLCoE to leverage innovations that fulfil this vision.

ReaLCoE will develop and demonstrate an entirely new turbine platform that can host robust, reliable and modular WEC with a rated capacity exceeding 12+MW in a relevant offshore environment, providing electricity at an LCoE level as low as €35/MWh. To this means, fifteen project partners from Europe’s key offshore markets including four renowned R&D institutes join their expertise.

Visualization of RealCoE ambition

The consortium is an integrated partnership combining multiple disciplines of the offshore sector to leverage efficiencies and cost reduction potentials. ReaLCoE will drive development, testing and certification from sequential to parallel and modular approaches and enable much quicker times to market with site and customer specific turbines. It will increase WECs’ operational lifetime and lower service and maintenance requirements through more robust and interchangeable components. Insurance and finance experts included in the project will accompany ReaLCoE’s in depth investigation and application of business models to optimise investment and lower financial risks. Digitisation at every stage of the process will help identify efficiencies and increase transparency at all levels along the value chain.
The project will install, demonstrate, operate and test a technology platform for the first prototype of a 12+MW turbine. A successful prototype operation will lead to the installation of a pre-series array of 4-6 WEC in a real offshore environment towards the end of the project, to validate the concept; paving the way for modular WEC generations with rated capacities of 14-16MW.

This ensures that Europe’s offshore wind industry competes globally at eye level, assists the provision of cheap, clean energy to reach emission targets and fosters highly specialised jobs at European industrial base. The contribution of the EC will trigger additional investments of several hundreds of millions of Euro into new manufacturing sites and the clean tech sector and ensures that the Europe’s industry stays on top and generates growth and jobs.

Dr Koen Boorsma



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