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Innovative CIGS Technologies

Together with our industrial partners, TNO researches new perspectives in systems design and production technology, which enable new applications for CIGS thin-film PV systems. As a part of the Solliance Shared Research Program Innovative Module Technology and its related projects, this program aims at lowering costs and increasing the performance of CIGS thin-film modules.

Less materials, higher efficiency

Using a thinner absorber will reduce the use of scarce materials such as indium and gallium. Under the right conditions it can reduce the production cost without negative side effects such as a lower efficiency. Together with improved passivation and monolithic interconnection, TNO will demonstrate a potential cost reduction of 50%, compared to the current, glass substrate based and state-of-the-art CIGS technology. To this end, TNO will turn to flexible substrate and the possibility of roll-to-roll technology. These technologies have the potential to be the base of cost effective production.

Enabling technology for integration

A close link to roll-to-roll back-end interconnection will improve and expand the possibilities of mass-customized applications. It will open the door as an enabling technology for integrated applications for vehicles, buildings and infrastructure.

Solliance Solar Research

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Hans Linden, BSc

  • Thin Film Technology


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