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Optimal energy generation with aesthetic solar panels

The transition to a sustainable energy system requires us to deploy all available surfaces for energy generation. Roofs and facades are particularly suitable for this. Together with its partners, TNO develops technologies to improve the aesthetic integration of solar panels and to examine how we can make products in any shape, size and colour without compromising on safety, efficiency and reliability.

The Netherlands has over 2000 km2 of roofs and facades of which a significant part can be deloyed for energy generation. This requires products that seamlessly integrate without compromising the aesthetic value and architecture. Building energy-neutral or even energy-positive will experience an enormous growth, offering tremendous opportunities for the Dutch knowledge economy and manufacturing industry. In the coming years, energy-generating construction elements or tailored solar panels will emerge from a niche market and evolve into mature products that deliver a significant contribution to the Dutch energy system.

TNO has a broad portfolio of technologies and expertise that can help companies to further develop an aesthetic and solar product that can be integrated. Platforms used by TNO for this purpose are standard silicon cell technology, back-contact cell technology, bifacial solar cells, CiGS and PSC thin-film technology, ALD barrier technology, and thin-film integration technology. 

Research and development

TNO conducts research on the following topics with regard to aesthetic solar panels:

  • Shape and dimensional freedom
  • Color and print
  • Electrical system integration and storage
  • Integration in (construction) elements and objects
  • Reliability of solar panels and elements
  • Yield modelling and determination
  • Solar panel materials
  • Endurance tests and demonstration.

Peter Blokker

  • PV Modules & Applications


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