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Smart Community Aruba

Real life testing and demonstration is a must to move sustainable technologies from concept to practical application. Smart Community Aruba (SCA), a 20 unit residential neighborhood aimed at sustainable living, is now inviting partners to research, test and demonstrate sustainable technology.

SCA brings together a unique mix of ingredients: the support of a powerful consortium of the Aruban electric and water utilities (WEB, ELMAR), Communication company SETAR, the Housing Development foundation (FCCA), Government of Aruba and Caribbean Branch Office TNO. Furthermore, it is based on Aruba, a beautiful tropical island setting with year round research potential with over 5000 wind and 2000 solar hours. Key objective is knowledge development relating to scalable technology solutions and business models to help make Aruba’s transition to sustainable energy a reality. 

The principal objectives:

  • Gain experience with the integration of renewable energy into the smart grid
  • Evaluate sustainable building techniques and efficiency measures
  • Deal efficiently and innovatively with water and waste issues
  • Develop new energy service models and learn about consumer behavior
  • Create opportunities for private partners to showcase, test and certify: technology, building systems and design.


SCA offers an unique platform to test and demonstrate sustainable solutions in a beautiful tropical island setting with constant wind and abundant solar hours offering a record setting performance environment. To this extent, it is an ideal setting for showcasing your solutions. However, it is also a challenging test environment due to the harsh climatic conditions including high wind speeds, high UV factor and salt corrosion. A successful performance on Aruba will therefore be a real seal of quality and future selling point.

SCA offers a professionally managed research, test and demonstration environment coordinated by Caribbean Branch Office TNO. Combined with the opportunity to work with future end-users such as utility companies, builders and consumers SCA can form a launching platform for your products in the region.



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