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Flexigas: a smart biogas grid

The biogas chain produces, transports and uses biogas via a dynamic and complex system: the biogas grid. Key links in this biogas grid are biomass, digestion, reprocessing, storage, transport and use of biogas. TNO is cooperating with national and provincial authorities on the Flexigas project to enable the chain to produce and consume biogas as efficiently as possible with the help of ICT.

Flexigas is a cooperation project that has arisen out of RenQi (founded by Kema, Hanze Hogeschool Groningen and TNO) and for which RenQi is the project leader. In Flexigas TNO is focusing on the optimisation and management of the smart biogas grid. The biogas chain has a wide range of system components, like digestion, desulphurisation, reprocessing, compression, input, storage, etc. These system components must be optimised in terms of scale, flexibility and link in the chain.

Future smart grid simulator

Smart metering, control and communication systems are in use in various links of the biogas chain, like production, transport and application. TNO is working on the development of a simulator to calculate these features as well as to optimise them in terms of financial, energy and environmental aspects, or a weighted combination of these. In the current version we use a MultiTouch table where we can locate various kinds of biomass, digesters, upgraders and the like on a map and connect them together.

Next steps

The next step is to compare various scenarios and examine the cost price or energy loss, or a weighted combination of the two, and connect to the database of partner BioBench that contains information on the energy yield of various biomass mixtures in co-digestion. We then want to modify and calculate scenarios in real time such as the immediate calculation of modified energy demand or biomass supply.


Flexigas is sponsored by Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the provincial and municipal authorities of Groningen, and is supported by Energy Valley. In het project TNO is working with fourteen companies and research organisations, namely RenQi (project manager), Hanzehogeschool Groningen, University of Groningen, KEMA, Rendo, BioBench, Enki-Energy, PROCES Groningen, DMT, Eneco, CleanMiles, TSE Fueling Supplies, Bekaert and SIT Controls.



Matthijs Vonder MSc

  • streaming analysis
  • monitoring & Control


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