Techno-economic analysis and design of the energy system

In the development and implementation of an energy system, reliable advice and good guidance are indispensable. TNO provides independent knowledge and realistic strategies for your future energy system. The advice of TNO is transparent and based on the in-depth research we do for the Dutch government, the EU and industry.

The Innovation Programme 'Towards a reliable sustainable energy system' aims to combine technology, skills and knowledge in order to propose and realise the most effective solutions and thus accelerate the energy transition, with projects in various fields such as:

  • energy planning;
  • decision support;
  • Implementation strategy;
  • innovative integration solutions;
  • scenario assessment.

TNO is familiar with and understands the dilemmas that have to be overcome in order to arrive at a sustainable energy system. We help organisations to develop a realistic energy vision, substantiate it with figures and concretely identify how they can best achieve this in line with their strategy. 'More sustainable where possible, but above all realistic in view of the techno-economic, socio-economic and external context'.

Years of experience with policy and strategy development, technological energy innovations and insight into international trends means that TNO is in a unique position to identify where the challenges for the transition to a sustainable energy system lie. Based on the ambitions and objectives of our clients, we make a bottleneck analysis that provides insight into the feasibility of the project. TNO also provides insight into the costs and benefits for both the short and long term. 

TNO has unique models to determine the impact of measures on the energy system as well as the costs and emissions of an organisation, municipality, region or country. This gives our clients an integrated and complete picture.  In this way, we can provide both companies and policy makers with the right management information.

In order to determine the future of energy production, grids and flows, TNO is developing scenarios at regional, national and European level. These make it clear whether sustainable energy can be fitted into the energy system, what is technically required and what the costs are, taking into account current and future developments. In doing so, TNO takes into account the current and future regulations.

Towards a reliable sustainable energy system


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