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Innovation for a future-proof heat system in the Netherlands

With the mass shift away from natural gas in the Netherlands, the HOT strategy is helping to set up a sustainable heat system. There are many possible solutions, but what is good - and for whom? How do you balance the interests of those involved and adjust the designs accordingly? How do you then measure whether a solution actually does justice to those interests? How affordable, sustainable and flexible will our future heating system be?
The HOT strategy stands for Holistic-Objective-Transparent, which provide direction to how we make choices during the energy transition, assess the results of those choices and gather the information we need for that purpose.

The holistic approach advocates optimising coherently all the aspects of a solution direction. The social value case is about sustainability, affordability, financial viability, spatial planning, freedom of choice, legislation, etc. Many of these aspects influence each other and should therefore be considered simultaneously rather than sequentially. Holistic design methods fit in well with complex systems of this kind.

The objective approach aims to be able to properly compare the performance of solution directions. So comparing apples with apples, using the same yardstick. And in order to define this yardstick, we need key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the interests of the various stakeholders: affordability, sustainability and future-proofing. This objectification helps to conduct the social debate in a more rational way and to arrive at fairer choices.

The aim of the transparent approach is to bring the above-mentioned stakeholder interests to the fore in an open and frank debate. What do you think is important? Where are the fears, wishes and ambitions? This creates an understanding of each other's positions and makes it easier to compromise and to formulate a common goal.

TNO would like to apply the HOT strategy to concrete projects that are currently being developed by parties.
If you, as a municipality, an engineering firm, grid operator or energy company, for example, are involved in plans for a heat grid, then we would like to get in touch with you to find out what HOT can do for you.

Dr. ir. Martijn Clarijs

  • Smart Thermal Grids
  • Indoor Climate Monitoring and Control for Data Centers


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