TNO and ECN, together the organisation for national energy innovation

To accelerate up the energy transition and keep it reliable, applied research is needed urgently. Both TNO and ECN have been achieving good results with applied research for years. For example, more than 50% of the world’s solar panels contain ECN technology. And TNO has gained substantial knowledge about CO2 storage, which is crucial if the goals of the coalition government are to be achieved.

In the vision of ECN part of TNO, optimum collaboration requires all the links in the innovation chain to be connected. ECN and TNO have been working together for many years (also with industry, universities and governments) in various projects, and that has led to interesting results. For example, with Solliance in Eindhoven in the field of solar energy where we strive to develop production processes and systems that ultimately strengthen the PV industry in the Netherlands and Europe. Or VoltaChem where, together with the Chemicals top sector, we confront the challenge of electrifying the chemical industry in a programme that focuses on using renewable energy in the chemical industry to produce heat, hydrogen and chemicals. Or SEAC (Solar Energy Application Centre), which is a collaboration between ECN, TNO and industry association HollandSolar, that aims to develop new concepts for the application of solar energy in buildings and infrastructure like the test programme for floating solar panels set up with, for example, Rijkswaterstaat and SMEs.

ECN part of TNO

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