ECN part of TNO makes the difference

In clustering the energy expertise of ECN and TNO, ECN part of TNO has all the knowledge in house to accelerate the transition to a reliable energy supply free of CO2 emissions.

ECN part of TNO will, as an applied research institution, also expressly seek connections with other TNO entities such as the units Industry or Circular Economy. It is precisely in these areas that we can come to surprising cross-pollinations and where 1 + 1 really can become 3. An example of this is the sensor technology that has been developed in the Defence, Safety & Security unit whereby it is being investigated whether this can also be used to determine the maintenance needs of an offshore windturbine.

So now a knowledge institution is created that can help provide solutions to problems such as:

High temperature heat for industry
TNO knows a lot about geothermal energy: where is there potential and how it can be generated safely. ECN analyses the heat demand of the industry and develops heat pumps to convert the geothermal energy to heat at the temperature that specific companies need.

Getting offshore wind energy to land
ECN knows everything about the planning, use and production patterns of offshore wind energy. TNO has extensive knowledge of the offshore gas infrastructure. Together we can design systems to bring the wind energy from the North Sea to land as economically as possible.

Energy-producing concepts in building and construction
TNO works closely with the building and construction industry to develop energy-producing concepts that are used for the renovation of existing buildings or for new building. ECN is developing attractive new solar energy systems that can be produced inexpensively and integrated optimally in energy-producing building components.

ECN part of TNO

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