What results have TNO and ECN already delivered?

For years TNO and ECN have been making an important contribution to the energy transition. Thanks in part to TNO and ECN, the energy transition is now underway. In addition, TNO and ECN have helped a large number of Dutch companies to seize the opportunities that the energy transition offers. Some examples are:
  • Software developed by ECN has been used for years for the design of wind turbines.
  • 80% of the North Sea wind farms use ECN’s maintenance strategies, which means they produce more energy and save a lot of money.
  • Solar cells developed by ECN are produced on Dutch equipment from Tempress (largest order ever for Tempress) in China and the US. More than 15 million panels already produce solar power.
  • TNO has mapped the potential for geothermal energy in the Netherlands and TNO advises the government on all exploration and production permits for geothermal energy.
  • Research and implementation of CO2 capture and storage has been coordinated by TNO for several years. TNO built the first CO2 capture demonstration in the Netherlands, supervised the first storage permit and has thereby given the development of CCS a huge boost.
  • TNO models and develop sensors to enable the safe mixing of green gas on the gas grid.
  • TNO is carrying out a programme with its partners to make 250 business parks energy-positive without affecting the cash flow of entrepreneurs.

Many more showcases can be found on www.ecn.nl/collaboration/customers/

ECN part of TNO

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