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TNO supports Belize to tap their biogas potential

TNO designed and delivered a biogas laboratory in Belize for the Caribean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC). This project is the first step towards a controlled introduction and enhance knowledge of biogas systems in Belize, to combat climate change and contribute to a sustainable clean energy supply. The movable, robust, easy to use biogas lab will be used to select and test suitable local biomasses for biogas production.      

Testing the biogas potential

The TNO biogas laboratorium is an example of catering to the exact needs of the local knowledge community and industry. The set-up is such that personel from the local university of Belmopan (UB) and local industry can use the facility to study and answer questions regarding the potential implementation of biogas in Belize. The facility enables the testing of up to 10 seperate biomasses for biogas production potential (gas volume, gas quality and retention time). From these tests different scenario's for biogas implementation can be studied and validated, while at the same time educating students and industrial players in the possibilities of biomass energy and it's advantages and limitations.     

The laboratory was recently delivered to Belize and after final installation of the lab, the opening ceremony was held on November 27, 2015. In the speeches delivered at the ceremony by, the speakers highlighted the importance of promoting science for students. Well deserved recognition  was given to TNO, CCCCC and GIZ REETA, which  supplied the Biogas Laboratory to UB. UB committed to integrate the laboratory in its curriculum to ensure ‘the students of today could use the technology tomorrow.’

Follow up

Currently the second project, in which TNO has the lead, will utilize the biogas lab as well as literature data to determine the potential for large scale biogas systems in Belize. TNO and a local team will assess 10 different biomasses in Belize for their gas potential and gas quality. The best options will be further used as input for preliminary designs and business cases to again provide information for industrial and agricultural biogas implementation. The lab is a key part and starting point for this project as well.

TNO specilizes in capacity building and technology development in local settings in emerging economies such as Belize. The tailermade easy to use laboratory is a good example of this. Similar projects and technologies are applied by TNO in Africa and India to support safe, clean decentralized energy implementation for economic prosperity and self reliance based on a positive business case.   


Leon Stille MSc

  • Biogas
  • gasification
  • gas cleaning
  • gas seperation
  • Renewable gas

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