Efficient attainment of geo energy

TNO is a world leader in the development of technologies to extract more geo energy more efficiently. Through state-of-the-art models and software, we are helping our industry partners to exploit hard-to-reach resources, devising more accurate ways to estimate reserves, optimising production and making operations more intelligent.

Offshore Production Systems

As offshore oil and gas production moves into ever more challenging waters, we are working with the industry to implement safe, reliable extraction technologies. From troubleshooting initiatives and design evaluations to joint industry R&D projects, we are the key link providing hands-on science for solutions that extract more gas and oil more efficiently, with minimal environmental impact.
“Our role is to support innovation,” says Bas van den Beemt, Business Developer. “We help to bring confidence in technical solutions through design evaluation, experimental validation and technical co-ordination in collaborative research. We are unique in combining a thorough appreciation of the offshore perspective with extensive know-how gained over more than four decades of experience in oil and gas. Moreover, with TNO you benefit from short turnaround times.”
Whether you are an offshore operator, engineering provider or equipment supplier, join forces with TNO to take your production systems to even greater heights – and depths.

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Gas transport and storage

With gas now being sourced from different parts of the world and in new forms like LNG and biogas, how do operators ensure that their installations, storage facilities and distribution grids can cope with its uneven composition? Building upon years of experience in such domains as fluid-structure interaction, that is just one of the gas transport challenges we at TNO are working to overcome.
“Our proprietary software simulates flows and networks,” explains René Peters, Business Developer, “so that we can advise operators, engineering design firms and equipment suppliers on how to optimise their designs to minimise the risk of fatigue and failure. As a broad, independent research institute, we are perhaps unique in equally understanding both the fluid mechanics side and the structural dynamics aspect.
By helping to analyse and solve today’s composition-related problems, we are playing our part in maintaining security of supply. Not just by making sure that gas always reaches the end user, but also that it is consistently of the right quality.

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When it comes to seeking out new sources of oil and gas, TNO is going deeper and further than ever before. Committed to a partnership model that puts knowledge transfer first, our research teams support operators in finding new reserves to offset the dwindling yields from traditional fields.
“Our strengths lie in particular niches,” says Business Developer Friso Veenstra. As an example he cites the biogenic silica particle technology with which TNO has gained huge experience globally. “Adapted for the Middle East, this can be used to classify strata at much greater depths than the established oilfields in the region. That greatly improves exploration drilling accuracy, which can make a huge difference in reducing risk.”
Other exploration initiatives offer huge potential benefits as far afield as South America and Africa. For leading industry players in those regions, too, TNO represents a unique kind of partner: a knowledge-driven non-commercial institute engaged in integrated research that brings together multidisciplinary expertise to generate effective solutions.

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Unconventional oil and gas

With so-called “unconventionals” like shale gas under a highly critical media spotlight, it only makes sense for forward-looking industry players to join forces with TNO. As a reliable, independent applied research institute, we are committed to making these alternative forms of geo energy more cost-effective whilst at the same time minimising their environmental impact.
“Everyone knows the challenges are huge,” admits Business Developer Yvonne Schavemaker, “but we are always looking for partners prepared to take the risk of trying something different to overcome them. If they can do that, we have plenty to bring to the table.”
Our multidisciplinarity, for example. We have people experienced in everything from installation engineering to production technology, fundamental geology to reservoir engineering. Then there are our unique networks. Not only are we a European leader in this domain, heading up numerous international initiatives, but we also have good contacts with experienced players in the US and Canada. So if you are serious about making the unconventional conventional, then TNO is the place to turn.

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