Our work

PULSIM - Flow and Structural Dynamics

The TNO PULSIM department has developped an extensive experience over the past 40 years, with respect to dynamic flow and structural phenomena in process installations. Our portfolio is centrally embedded in other innovative areas within our Business Unit Oil & Gas, such as reservoir and well dynamics, flow optimization, separation technology and instrumentation.

Evaluation of process installation in the design phase is the backbone of our department. We carry out pulsation and mechanical analysis according to API 618 (reciprocating compressors), API 674 (reciprocating pumps) and API 619 (screw compressors), using our software tool PULSIM. Besides these pulsation analyses according to industry standards, we continuously extend our modeling tools to perform also more complex analyses, such as acoustic assessment of flexible risers, flow-induced pulsation analysis, water hammer analysis, acoustic fatigue analysis etcetera.

Trouble shooting & consultancy

Our philosophy is that we prefer to solve problems on the drawing board instead of in the field. However, we have a vast expertise in performing trouble-shooting projects. In case of problems in the field, we can flexibly perform site visits, including measurement of pulsation, vibrations and noise. Our engineers are fully certified to enter your process installations, both onshore and offshore. In these projects we typically combine our measuring experience, modelling tools and test facilities (air and water flow rigs) to recommend the most effective measures to solve your problems and improve your system layout, under stringent time schedules.

Software & training

We use our PULSIM software not only for our own projects. Last year, we released PulsimSuite, including a fully developed Graphical User Interface, enabling an efficient and intuitive workflow. This allows our customers to buy or lease our software for their own usage. Also a simplified version of the PULSIM sofware is available, dedicated for the design and optimization of pulsation dampers (DamperSIM). Besides training and support for our software, we also offer in-house trainings on general or dedicated topics. Annually we organize at TNO a Pulsation, Vibration and Noise Workshop, an attractive mix of theory, applications and hands-on training with our software tools.

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