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TNO flow facilities

Experimental facilities are indispensable to deepen our understanding of flow phenomena, to evaluate new designs and validate numerical models. TNO operates an air flow, a water flow and two-phase flow facilities with a highly flexible and unique functionality. It offers e.g. the opportunity to validate numerical models, test scale models, perform full scale testing under dynamic flow conditions and evaluate operational performance and integrity.

We have also access to other facilities on two-phase flow at the Delft University and Deltares, on large air flows, natural gas, petrol and diesel–oil at NMI. We make use of flow facilities on LNG and are working on the realization of a LNG Test and Technology Centre in the Netherlands. Single phase flow of water and air, but also two-phase flow can be created in a variety of flow patterns from bubble-flow, slug flow, annular flow to mist flow. The flow facilities, our knowledge on numerical models and our qualified staff make TNO your partner in solving questions related to flow dynamics.


Some of our project experiences:

  • Testing new designs and evaluated pulsation dampers and silencers for equipment suppliers;
  • Validating prediction models for flow induced pulsations and noise in flexible risers and corrugated hoses;
  • Determining the influences of T-joints, bends and other piping components on the generation of noise and pulsations;
  • Determination of the impact of pulsations, vibrations and flow noise on the reading of flowmeters;
  • Measuring and validating prediction models for acoustic damping of multi-bore restriction orifices;
  • Measuring the impact of LNG flow on the pressure loss and the integrity of multi-composite hoses

Air, water flow test facilities

The air flow test facility consists of a controlled flow in a range of 10 – 1400 m3/h to a maximum pressure of 1000 kPa. Turbine and vortex flow meters, with an accuracy better than 0.5%, are used as a transfer standard in the 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch metering sections Flow pulsations, excited by the pulsation source, can be added to the average flow via the bypass.
The water flow test facility consists of a controlled flow by two independently running centrifugal pumps in a range of 10-350 m3/h at a pressure of maximum 1000 kPa. The electromagnetic flowmeters in 2-, 4- and 8-inch metering sections, with an accuracy better than 0.3 %, are used as a transfer standard. Water and air flow can be combined to create two-phase flow in a variety of flow patterns.
A small scale 1-inch facility is also available with a maximum capacity of 100 m3/h air flow and
3 m3 /h water flow at a maximum operating pressure of 6 barg.

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