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Trouble shooting wrt vibrations, pulsations, stress,noise

Our aim is to assist the client to find the root cause of the problem and propose adequate but feasible modifications to machinery and/or piping system to solve it. Where necessary we combine the results of on-site measurements with state-of-the-art simulations (PULSIM Suite, ANSYS, OLGA, Fluent, HYSYS, COMSOL) and/or physical scale modelling for which we have gas and liquid test facilities available.

Field surveys to measure, quantify and judge the severity of your problem as a start of a Root Cause Analysis (RCA). On-site measurements may include, vibration, dynamic pressure (pulsations), strain gauge (cylcic stress) and noise measurements possibly extended with high-speed camera recordings.A team of qualified expert is available to carry out a on- and offshore field survey on short notice. Portable equipment enables our experienced team to perform field surveys with on-site measurements at short notice. For more complicated measurements we have multichannel equipment available with storage capacity for extended runs.

State-of-the-art simulations

Beside our abilities to measure, quantify and judge the severity of your problem, we have a 40 year track record in analysing the dynamic behaviour of pipe systems and the attached equipment like compressors, pumps, coolers and vessels. Combining our analysing capabilities with field measurements has proven to be a very succesfull in solving problems. We have a multitude of software tools (and experienced users) available of:

  • PULSIM Suite - Flow acoustic simulations
  • PULSDS - Flow acoustic simulations
  • ANSYS - Finite Element analysis
  • Fluent - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Comsol (3D acoustic simulations)
  • OLGA (Two-phase flow, flow regimes, slug lenghts and frequencies)
  • HYSYS (steady state analysis)
  • Geonoise (noise radiation)
  • PVTsim (equation of state calculations)

Scale model experiments

Beside simulations, scale model experiments can be a powerful tool for analysing and understanding certain type of problems. To carry out scale model experiments we have flexible gas and liquid test facilities available. Scale model experiments can also be used in combination with simulations to validate and calibrate their results. In this combination, simulations can be used to guide the experiments and limit their number.



Harry Korst

  • Pulsations
  • vibrations
  • fatigue
  • failures
  • compressors

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