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Biogas as a renewable and flexible energy source

Biogas is a renewable and flexible energy source. TNO is active on the complete biogas value chain from pre-treatment, production, gas treatment, gas monitoring and use. We develop and improve new and existing technologies and services that contribute to increasing the cost-effectiveness of biogas as a renewable sustainable energy source, both nationally and internationally.

Biogas is a renewable energy source that is produced by digestion of biomass. This local source of energy is applied across Europe and the world for a large number of applications. Electricity generation by using combined heat and power plants is the most used biogas application. However, increasingly biogas is given a higher value by treating and upgrading for injection in the national gas grids and for use as transportation fuel. Biogas is a flexible fuel that can be used as a buffer in the renewable energy mix and contribute to a lower dependency on outside energy sources. TNO is active in the complete chain in which we focus on providing specific technology and system innovation to strengthen the business case for biogas further.

Biogas value chain innovation

The different applications of biogas demand new innovations for effective and efficient use that facilitates this flexibility. Also, the biogas market is strongly dependent on policy schemes which influence the overall cost-effectiveness of biogas. By introducing newly developed cost-effective technologies and integrations, TNO is contributing to the strengthening of the biogas value chain and this emerging sustainable industry. TNO works on successfully bringing these innovations to the market and solving problems that save resources and generates additional biogas.

TNO in biogas projects

TNO is actively involved in projects across the biogas value chain. We work with different partners such as industrial parties, knowledge institutes and the Dutch Top Sector (RVO). Here we deliver specific technologies and expertise on for example new ways of removing hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and purification and valuation of terpenes in biogas. We also work in the flexigas project in the North of the Netherlands on a complete value chain optimisation from biomass input to different output products. Besides industrial applications, TNO is also working on biogas use in developing countries in Africa and Asia. For these applications, we develop specific basic renewable energy technologies such as the biogas socket. This socket enables the generation of electricity from a household digester for very low costs.


Leon Stille MSc

  • Biogas
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  • Renewable gas

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