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TNO founds The Center for Global Prosperity

Big data is everywhere. By combining large amounts of data with artificial intelligence, we can make increasingly accurate predictions.

Banks are using this to forecast stock market trends. Supermarkets use it to analyse and influence consumer behaviour. Wouldn't it be great if we use these innovative technologies to solve global development issues? Which countries are moving out of poverty fastest? Which ones are not moving at all? Can we explain the drivers behind this? What will be the effect on the global demand for energy, water and food? How should we organise our society so that everyone can live a life with dignity, within the ecological borders of our planet?

Together with Professor Guus Berkhout, TNO is currently setting up the Center for Global Prosperity. More information soon!


Pieter Verhagen MScBA

  • Blockchain
  • Business model
  • Fieldlab
  • Techruption

ECN part of TNO

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