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Customised processed food for quality and health

Food production and food consumption play a key role in solving some of the Grand Societal Challenges defined in the innovation goals of the European Union. To tackle these challenges more processed food has to be produced from fewer resources yet with more quality and a healthier composition, targeting individual needs.

The proposed strategic innovation programme “Customised Processed Food for Quality and Health” aims to provide breakthrough technologies that enable efficient and effective manufacturing of food products that fit individual healthy diets. This will be instrumental in securing a steady supply of processed food that is implicitly healthy. It aims to empower consumers to take more control over the composition of their foods in relation to their everyday needs, their lifestyle and their health.

In general, these challenges require new types of processing and processed food that are more flexible and can be readily adapted to both the personal context of individual citizens and the industrial context of changing availability, price and functionality of ingredients. The technological development of this concept called “Customised Processed Food” will be open to industries and knowledge parties that contribute financially or with expertise to strengthen the output of the programme.
To create maximum benefit from the programme for industry we anticipate three technological development lines and approximately 5 application areas.


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