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Healthier product composition

In their work to improve food products, more and more manufacturers have found the way to our experts at TNO. We help them to reduce the level of salt, sugar and fats used in their products or to add fibre to foods and enhance nutritional value. With our vast knowledge of food physics and microbiology, we have developed unique product reformulation solutions for the benefit of food manufacturers.

Healthier product composition via the reduction or replacement of ingredients has become a major topic in today’s food industry. Equally important considerations are the effects of replacers on product quality, texture, taste and shelf life, whether we alter a single ingredient or a number of these at the same time. For instance, manufacturers may wish to reduce both sugar and fat while increasing fibre content, and they will also wish to avoid cost price increases. This is where we at TNO can offer assistance.

Unique reformulation strategy

To generate the right reformulation solutions, we apply comprehensive and well-proven strategies. We use simplified products that are representative of the specific end product. We also combine our extensive knowledge on ingredient functionalities and physical models in a food structure design approach to calculate various reformulation options while maintaining all the functionalities of the original ingredient. We are able to test solutions for practical application very quickly, and we can determine which options would be the most cost-effective. In this way, manufacturers can develop the healthier products they need without increasing cost prices.

Inviting collaboration: nothing succeeds like success

To find ideal ingredient compositions and achieve optimum results, we work directly with a wide range of food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Our combined efforts have certainly proven their worth. To illustrate: two patents are currently being processed that concern sugar reduction in a high-moisture baked product sold by an important Dutch market leader for gingerbread breakfast cakes.
Our expertise has qualified us as a leader in multiple reformulation; together with market leaders and other representatives from the food industry, we can help deliver the healthier products that today’s consumers desire while keeping a close eye on costs, product safety, shelf life and consumer perceptions.

At TNO, we recently completed a three-year project set up together with seven partners from the food industry, and its results have definitely whetted our appetite. All parties involved have developed a taste for more and wish to build on the project’s success by setting up a new consortium to meet additional needs for the reformulation of nutritional profiles. We wish to strengthen and expand the bonds we have created so far and invite stakeholders operating in the many different food sectors to join us for another exciting period of what we have termed Reformulation 2.0.


TNO nominated for European prize for Peijnenburg zero

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Healthy composition of processed food products

23 March 2016
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Joost Blankestijn


Joost Blankestijn


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