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EUWIN, The European Workplace Innovation Network

The aim of the European Commission's 'Mission for Growth' strategy is to bring Europe out of crisis through innovation and growth. As part of that strategy, the Commission has launched EUWIN, a learning network that promotes EU-wide knowledge-sharing on workplace innovation. The network is open to organisations, social partners, policymakers and researchers.

TNO is the leader of the network, in which many leading players are involved. Workplace innovation is about how organisations structure and direct their activities. It focuses on organising work practices in ways that challenge employees to reflect on the 'how' 'what' and 'why' of their work, facilitating continuous learning and enabling them to help each other improve work practices and contribute to technological developments. The term 'social innovation'(in Dutch: sociale innovatie) is also used in the Netherlands for workplace innovation.

Aim and activities

Workplace innovation is geared to the performance of organisations and the sustained improvement of employment quality. The main aim of the network is knowledge-sharing (with the emphasis on practical knowledge) to raise members' awareness of the possibilities in the field of workplace innovation. The network does this in several ways, for example by organising various international workshops and Europe-wide meetings involving public and private organisations, social partners, policymakers and researchers. Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook play an important role in knowledge dissemination and raising awareness. An online database provides access to relevant information and examples of good practice.

Events and workshops

Peter Totterdil, Steven Dhondt, Mary Honeyball, Antti Peltomäki, Niek Snoeij

The network was launched on 10 April 2013 and after two years 5000 organisations all over Europe have become a member. In the coming period , the network will be organizing a number of practice-oriented workshops in the European region. For these workshops, EUWIN cooperates with different partners. The last workshops were held in Vilnius, San Sebastian and Guadeloupe. In San Sebastian we met with entrepreneurs who in a practical hands-on fashion worked with workplace innovation practices and ideas. Importantly, the Innovation Department of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa supports WPI firmly, and it co funded the research “Gipuzkoa Workplace Innovation”  (www.gipuzkoaworkplaceinnovation.org/en). In Guadeloupe,  EUWIN was invited to think with the regional development agencies. How workplace innovation can help local organisations to become more healthy and productive.

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