Networked Information: Solving complex societal issues with smart ICT innovations

ICT is essential to our society. A new information infrastructure is emerging whereby citizens, industry and government will communicate with each other in new ways and will fully employ open data. The impact of this on many societal and economic processes will be considerable, though as yet unknown.

TNO will investigate and stimulate the introduction of new applications of media, supporting government and industry in identifying and applying new communication possibilities. The main challenge is to enable the information society to develop in such a way that it is not only sustainable but can also boost productivity as well as solve a number of social problems without any loss of confidence in ICT.

The innovating power of ICT enables us to do things differently: more efficiently, better, faster, smarter and more sustainably. Smart ICT innovations can help solve complex societal issues like climate change, demographic ageing, scarcity, education, mobility, care and safety. In fact, the smart application of ICT is a precondition for this.


National Big Data Infrastructure will boost pre-competitive research

04 October 2017
In order to unlock the value of distributed datasets an infrastructure is required for secure data sharing and high performance computing. TNO, SURFsara and University of Amsterdam invite partners to join... Read more

TNO’er honoured internationally for his contribution to the reliability and optimisation of telecom networks

14 September 2017
On 7 September TNO’er Hans van den Berg received the Arne Jensen Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more

Internet stability not jeopardised by expanding domain name extensions

02 August 2017
The recent introduction of some 1,100 new generic top-level domain (gTLDs) like .google and .amsterdam has not degraded the stability and security of the root-DNS system. In the international internet... Read more


Drs. Henk-Jan Vink

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