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'Big data' has become a familiar term. Vast amounts of information are becoming available through a whole range of systems – think of the many sensor systems such as monitoring cameras, induction loops in roads, sensors for dike management or smartphones. The purpose of information creation is to combine data from all conceivable sources and process them into valuable information.

Our first point of focus is to ensure that society can benefit directly from the tidal wave of data that is generated. We build technical platforms in which large amounts of data from different sources are brought together, measured, combined, analysed, interpreted, organised and visualised. This results in the creation of usable and valuable information that companies and organisations can use to improve their service provision.

Our ambition is to help society advance by developing applications for collecting data and making them available in an intelligent way. TNO conducts research into which parties can play a role in this, which business models have the greatest chance of success, which technologies and standards are needed, how interoperability can be realised, and how to deal with semantics.

The second challenge involves transforming media and content delivery. Digital media are developing extremely fast. We are researching new forms of interaction with a strong focus on the automatic annotation of content to enhance findability. New production and consumption models also require new models for distribution. A gradual shift is taking place in distribution from broadcast to on-demand, and from fixed to mobile. This calls for innovation in content distribution networks (CDNs) in order to make them more content-aware. In addition, it is important that the various CDNs can be linked on the basis of standards.


TNO, Seastar Labs Partner to Take Automated Sports Broadcasting Mainstream

02 December 2016
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How policy makers can deal with digital platforms

21 March 2016
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14 March 2016
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Small Big Data Congress 2017

Den Bosch
On the 5th of October 2017, TNO, in collaboration with the Big Data Value Center, organizes the fourth Small Big Data Congress! This congress aims at providing an overview of practical and innovative applications... Read more
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