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Applied Research for Industrial Automation

You might have seen our technology demonstrator at the Hannover Messe. This 3D sensor is just one example of the technology development in cooperation with our industrial partners. TNO might not have the product that solves your problem at hands, but can provide the technology to create the solution. TNO offers a broad expertise with opto-mechatronical systems and industrial applications. We are eager to support you with your challenge.

There are 8 Trends that will drive the future of mass manufacturing of goods in Europe:

  • Mass customization
  • Flexible manufacturing lines reducing investment costs
  • Critical dimensions shrinking to µm level
  • Increasing demand on system throughput
  • Mastering yield loss
  • Increasing cost of resources and raw materials
  • Reduction of machine downtime
  • Shorter time to market

We develop technology to enable companies to succeed.

Vision in the Loop

State of the art positioning systems often comprises of a servo loop and a metrology system to achieve the desired accuracy and precision. This metrology system measures the location of the end-effector with respect to the desired location . Typically these are not co-located. With the vision in the loop technology we developed a sensor to widen the range of co-location. So far we achieved 5000Hz update rate with a 100Hz closed loop bandwidth. Enabling new system designs with less complex metrology and calibration requirements. One example is the real time position control of the plasma in the aggressive environment of the TCV Tokamak fusion reactor in Lausanne (CH).

Harvest Automation in Agri Culture

The reproduction of potted plants is often exercised by means of cuttings. These have to be cut at the right place and in the correct way, typically executed by a skilled worker. Price elasticity of the product is limited. To improve the quality and productivity TNO developed a sensor system to derive the cutting plan: analyze the plant, find the cutting location and trajectory. Thereafter it performs the cut and plants the new cutting. This innovation provides a cost effective production rate of 1800cutlings/hour.



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