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In-line characterization of nanoparticles using a combination of analytical techniques in real-time.
In-Sight will bring valuable solutions for the NP producers and to the NM manufacturers as it aims to find means to reduce batch failure, improve production yields and ease scale-up processes. In addition, reduction of development time and costs is expected. Finally, the real-time measurements will lead to the development of new products.

Real-time monitoring

Nanotechnology is currently entering a stage of exponential growth. One trillion Euro nanotechnology-enabled products are expected to be on the market by 2015. Still, nanotechnology development is attenuated due to the difficulty to measure critical features such as nanoparticles' (NP) size, number, shape and composition. One essential prerequisite for the development, manufacturing and commercialization of nanomaterials (NMs) is the availability of techniques and tools for real-time characterization on the nanoscale level. Even if several detection and characterization methods for NMs do exist, these are based on laboratory equipment and are not used for real-time monitoring. Consequently, it is more difficult for NP manufacturers to be certain that the production of NPs is accurately controlled.

Therefore, the main objective of the In-Sight project is to develop and validate novel tools for real-time monitoring of NP characteristics during nanomaterial manufacturing. It will focus on following NP properties:

  • NP shape and mobility.
  • NP counting and sizing.
  • NP composition and structure.

TNO is scientific project coordinator of In-Sight.

See the website fp7-insight.com

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