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Materials for Chemicals Processing

The role of innovative materials in the Chemicals Industry is increasing in importance.

In various chemical processes tougher operating conditions and the need for miniaturisation are placing more stringent demands on the materials in use. As a result, the correct choice of materials has impact on the lifetime of equipment and the efficiency of certain processes. Increasingly sophisticated materials can respond to the environment to which they are exposed, such as self-healing materials and also coatings that can act as sensors for the detection of hazardous gases (such as H2S).


New products to meet increasing performance demands are being continually developed. Innovative materials are of prime interest to the chemicals industry to help in the commercialisation of those products designed to meet these new challenges and to perform better than existing materials. TNO has a valuable expertise in the area of innovative materials through the development of its own materials as well as experience in their application in practice. This knowledge can be deployed to offer convincing materials science solutions for chemicals processing. TNO has therefore developed materials systems for anti-fouling and low friction coatings. In addition, TNO's intelligent materials, that can act as sensors and actuators, are attracting strong interest.


Gert-Jan Heerens MSc

  • Integrity
  • fiber
  • ultrasonic
  • instrumentation
  • downhole


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