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Materials for the High-Tech Industry

Trends in the high-tech industry are pushing toward miniaturisation, the creation of products with complex shapes, and multi-functional materials. To keep up with ever-increasing demands, companies must focus on developments and advancements in production, processing and performance qualification. TNO assists companies by combining the required competencies to enable and enhance the development of complex, reliable and cost-effective products.

To support the high-tech industry in the development of new material applications, TNO applies its well-known expertise in relevant fields such as:

  • Thin-film deposition technology that focusses on innovative and scalable technology for large area production, including break-through production equipment for thin-film photovoltai.
  • Responsive material and coating technology that focuses on materials and processes for wet-chemical coatings, nanostructuring in terms of design, synthesis, characterization of nanoparticles, and nano-imprint lithography, and responsive polymers.
  • Materials for integrated products that focuses on the combination of materials expertise and material processing, using unique physical experiments and computer-aided modelling and simulation for innovative product development with built-in reliability.
  • Equipment of additive manufacturing that focuses on the development of cutting-edge technology and high-precision machine concepts for 3D printing and layer-wise material deposition.

Bilateral cooperation

Based on its expertise in the field of material behaviour, production and process technology and product reliability, TNO works with the industry and other research organisations to develop new applications and reduce time-to-market. Industrial partners of TNO in the area of material application development are active in high-tech markets like photovoltaic, medical, 3D printing, semicon, advanced materials, automotive and lighting.

Shared research

In addition, TNO also initiates and participates in shared research. Industrial teams and research organisations work together in programs for joint development of materials, processes, equipment and applications. Examples of these kinds of shared research initiatives include:


TNO at Holst Centre launches 3D battery spinoff LionVolt

03 March 2021
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Major release of NetSquid for designing quantum networks

23 December 2020
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Position Paper: Envisioning a European Platform Economy

23 October 2020
Studies show that digitisation is the key to growth in European industry. But digitisation comes with many challenges. And the complications of a global pandemic and trade wars between the US and China... Read more


Dr. Jan Pieter Maurice, MSc


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