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The TNO Cryo-Vacuum Tribometer

Do you develop, design, specify or test critical equipment with moving parts that work under cryogenic and/or vacuum conditions? Does your equipment operate in harsh conditions, such as space, the semiconductor industry, scanning electron microscopy or cryo pumps? Are durability, performance and reliability keys to your success? The TNO Cryo-Vacuum Tribometer can help to you optimise your equipment.

High-tech equipment does not tolerate unexpected high friction or wear since this might result in unnecessary down-time or products that fail to meet your tight specifications and tough requirements. To safeguard the lifetime, it is necessary to know how the sliding and rolling contacts will behave over time. This knowledge becomes even more vital when the machine operates in extreme conditions, such as in a vacuum and/or at extremely low temperatures. Traditional greases and mineral-oil based lubricants do not perform adequately in such extreme environments. In order to measure friction and wear in these harsh conditions, TNO recently developed unique test equipment: the TNO Cryo-Vacuum Tribometer, When conducting tribological measurements, all the tribological system properties must be taken into account. We always consider the two mating materials, surface texture, the environment as well as the intermediate layers such as lubricants. When the system properties change or become unstable, unexpected or undesired things may occur.

Our tribology expertise

This is where the unique insights and solutions of our TNO tribology scientists come into play. Our tribology expertise helps to provide a better understanding of the expected performance and durability in your application. In short, TNO expertise helps you to translate your equipment requirements into the right equipment solutions to ensure the right performance


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