Van 't Hoff Program

Optical spectroscopy is commonly regarded as the next revolutionary advancement in medicine. The benefits of medical light technology can be applied in a variety of fields, and improve measurement, diagnosis and treatment of many pathologies. But testing and applying this technology can be costly and complex. TNO initiated the van 't Hoff Program to mitigate the cost and risk factors and advance discovery in this emerging field.

The van 't Hoff Program brings together key stakeholders to create an innovation ecosystem. From research organisations to equipment and product manufacturers, hospitals to foundations. Together, this public-private collaboration gathers the core knowledge and data that will help patients benefit from the accuracy and safety of optical spectroscopy. By examining the issues and addressing the unknowns together, the program shares the cost and risk factors associated with early phases of development. Each partner in this open innovation platform contributes specific knowledge and expertise to achieve a common goal: optimising the use of optical spectrometry in a patient setting. At the same time, each partner benefits from the wealth of knowledge acquired in the process. Risks, costs, facilities and data are shared between all participants. In this way, the most effective advancements can be made.

Responding to a need

TNO recognised the great potential of spectral technologies, and was eager to play a role in its further advancement. At the same time, foundations were seeking to connect the latest research with practical applications. Clinicians and manufacturers sought ways to mitigate complications, risks and costs associated with the technology push, while still protecting access to proprietary rights to developments that directly impact their business. With van 't Hoff, all parties benefit from the shared research and knowledge, so each individual partner can apply this position to develop or contribute to product development. In this way, the entire medical community benefits. This is carefully coupled with clear and effective partner management to ensure a healthy collaboration in which all partners can preserve a competitive market position. The group develops the core understanding of the way the technology works and how it can be applied, allowing partners to develop more effective solutions.

A growing community

As van 't Hoff continues to gather knowledge, the size of the collaboration continues to grow. New partners join the collaboration each year. Through many iterations of testing in both laboratory and real-world environments, the program contributes a significant amount of information to the partners who can tap into the potential of this new technology. With each discovery, understanding of medical light technology grows, and comes another step closer to making medical advancements that will contribute to patients' well-being. The van 't Hoff program provides a foundation, outlining the basic principles of how the technology works, and each individual partner is able to use those principles for application in their development process. This knowledge-driven enterprise helps eliminate obstacles and overcome common hurdles, to bring the next exciting medical breakthrough one step closer.


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