Industrial Instrumentation

In competitive industries, advanced instrumentation for monitoring and data processing are essential. As companies struggle to control costs and retain operations within Europe, their goal of zero defects can only be achieved through the use of the most highly advanced instrumentation.

TNO offers the expertise and facilities to design and develop real-world solutions for industrial and scientific instrumentation needs. We specialise in the development of instrumentation that operates under extreme conditions – for instance at extremely high rates, in extreme environments, or where extreme precision is required. TNO to work directly with equipment manufacturers and industry players in private partnerships or in public/private collaborations. In this way, industry can benefit optimally from the technology position of TNO, allowing translation of proven solutions into new domains, including mass production. Whether the instrumentation is used in product manufacturing, the micro-assembly industries or in agriculture, TNO helps create total process control, lower production costs and achieve 100% yields. The same technologies are used to build instruments for scientific use, e.g. in nuclear fusion reactors, medical equipment, and particle accelerators.

Proof of concept

From radio frequencies to optics to acoustics to sensors, across a variety of industries, TNO provides the architecture, design and engineering for real-world instrumentation solutions.
TNO's tried-and-tested methodology brings the most advanced ideas into reality, even under the most extreme conditions. We cover the entire instrumentation development process. Our state-of-the art facilities and unique expertise offer us the opportunity to:

  • Specify
  • Design
  • Realise
  • Align
  • Calibrate
  • Validate
  • Process Data
  • Achieve total Process Control

In fact, a recent TNO innovation made a huge impact in the Alternative Energy domain. Our endoscopes to measure plasma temperatures in nuclear fusion reactors allow for accurate monitoring at temperatures reaching 100 million degrees Celsius. This achievement was a major breakthrough in the development of this green energy resource.

Effective collaboration

For TNO, collaboration with manufacturers, end-users and academia is key. Whether increasing the competitive advantage of a single company, or advancing the technology that will serve the entire industry, TNO shares knowledge and expertise with those who need it. From the production of the instruments to their application, through to data processing.

Semiconductor Equipment


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