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Characterizing tip-sample interactions in scanning probe

An experimental method for measuring the nano mechanical, time-varying forces applied on the sample surface during imaging in AFM.


  • Real-time measurement of tip-sample force
  • Experimentally tuning and calibrating the tip-sample force
  • Very good agreement with the theoretical results of tip-sample force
  • No need for tailored designed cantilevers; no customisation is needed


  • Calibrating and predetermining the tapping forces
  • Before imaging the desired sample surface
  • In diverse semiconductor applications: surface inspection, metrology or nanolithography


  • Experimental measurement of forces during tapping mode AFM
  • Calibrating the tapping forces with respect to the excitation frequency and vibration amplitude


  • Developing a scanning mode based on real-time force feedback
  • Extracting the mechanical propertis such as stiffness with very high precision
  • Fully characterising the dynamic behavior of AFM cantilevers
Experimental results of tip-sample interaction force measurement during tapping mode AFM.


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