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High-throughput Thermal Scanning Probe Nano-manufacturing

As the semiconductor industry is approaching the 10 nm node fast, demands on nanopatterning and nano metrology technologies are becoming ever more stringent. Scanning probe lithography has shown the capability to make structures down to few nanometers. In a joint research effort with SwissLitho AG, TNO is aiming to developing a parallel AFM for manufacturing of 3D structures at a very high throughput.

One of the projects in this research subject is the cooperation with SwissLitho AG. In this joint research project we aim to show the compatibility of the thermal scanning probe lithography (tSPL) technology from SwissLitho and the miniaturized high-speed parallel scanning technology developed by TNO.

An example of TNO’s high-throughput parallel scanning system


TNO’s parallel AFM scanning system for industrial applications


For testing the compatibility, we have built a joint setup combining the two technologies and finding the bottlenecks towards various industry applications.

Setup combining SwissLitho’s tSPL and TNO’s miniaturized parallel scanning technologies. (Source: TNO)


The capabilities of the technologies are shown by the image of the logos of the two companies written with the tSPL principle. As can be seen in the image, sub-10nm control is feasible with this technology.


The logos of TNO and SwissLitho written. (Source: SwissLitho AG)


Thermal scanning probe for nanometer scale lithography. (Source: SwissLitho AG)





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