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Optical coatings

Optics Manufacturing supports companies in the development and production of optical components and optomechatronical systems and instruments. We advise our customers on manufacturability and manufacture prototypes or small series optical components and assemblies. The specialization of TNO in the design and application of sophisticated optical coatings makes us unique. Moreover, we possess advanced equipment, expertise and experience.

Optical coatings are used in optics for two reasons:

  • Achieving high efficiency in the transportation of desired light
  • Suppressing undesired light

By designing and applying thin film multilayer coatings, Optics Manufacturing can manipulate the light in such way that light of specific wavelengths is maximally reflected or, in contrast, optimally passed through. The reflection layers or filters are tailored to your specifications.

Coatings, design and technology

Optics Manufacturing. uses a large variety of materials for specially designed coatings and experimental research. The knowledge of a diversity of processes enables us to react quickly and with flexibility. Highly trained operators, optical coatings designers and material experts work together for the experimental development of standard and tailored coatings. Bij using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) en E-beam evaporation technology, TNO produces various coatings for many different applications, reaching from ultraviolet to infrared. Every request is treated as a tailored project. That is why we guarantee at least the quality you expect. Optics Manufacturing features:

  • BAK EVO installations with MkII Plasma unit (IAD) and GSM 100BB (insitu optical monitoring)
  • BAK 640
  • MacLeod V9.0 design software
  • Class 1000 cleanroom environment

The coatings are applied to optic substrates up to 300 mm in diameter.

Applications optical components

The optical components that Optics Manufacturing produces are applied in for instance scientific instruments for spectrometry, cameras for astronomy, or for the measurement of accurate product positioning in lithography. As a result of continuous developments, the requirements for these systems are constantly growing. The same applies to the optical components and coatings that are used. Therefore, TNO continuously improves and optimizes her processes. Moreover Optics Manufacturing has the ability to apply very sophisticated coatings to products with a complex geometry. Optics Manufacturing offers optical coatings for i.e. the following components:

  • Highly reflective optics
  • Anti-reflective thin films
  • Beam splitters
  • Bandpass filters
  • Polarisation filters


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